If you have to undergo a constructive surgery for injury or pain, getting physiotherapy done can be beneficial in various ways. No wonder pre-surgical rehabilitation or prehab is increasingly becoming popular in the community.

Just like rehab refers to the activities that help patients recover after an intense treatment or surgery, prehab refers to the procedure undertaken to improve the health condition before surgery. Let’s look into it in detail:

What happens in physiotherapy before surgery?

To be precise, prehab is directly related to the time taken to heal after surgery. It helps in preparing the body for the surgery and quickens the recovery period. For patients who have critical surgeries like joint replacements, the process of pre-surgical rehabilitation helps in reducing the challenges of post-surgery rehabilitation.

In general, the patients need to spend time learning how to get moving again because the muscles have stiffness. There may be some pain after surgery, and if the body is unable to cope up with it, you can feel a lack of flexibility in the muscles.

The pre-surgical rehab programs are designed to help patients regain their lost flexibility and strength before the surgery. Physiotherapy before surgery helps in building your ability to heal quickly after an operation. It can significantly decrease any complication and time associated with post-surgical recovery.

What Happens In A Prehab Program?

Let’s assume that you have adequate planning time and your prehab sessions start about six weeks before your surgery date. This may vary based on your doctor’s advice. A Prehab program ensures that you can sail smoothly through the post-surgery complications such as climbing stairs or taking the first steps to the hospital washroom.

During your physiotherapy session, you will be improving your body’s endurance and strength so that you can bounce back immediately after surgical trauma. Your physiotherapist will create a structure comprising of the possible complications before and after the surgery. He will then create a program to prepare you for the surgery and help you recover quickly after the surgery.

What To Expect From A Pre-Surgical Rehab?

Studies reveal that the patients who participate in physiotherapy programs before surgery experience numerous benefits such as improved confidence better stamina, and enhanced mobility. You will be able to experience more aerobic endurance and enhanced muscle strength to sustain surgery.

When you do physiotherapy before surgery, it also helps you with post-surgical muscle stiffness. The physiotherapists can train you on various techniques to maintain balance and recover quickly.

Where To Look For Physiotherapy Before Surgery?

The right time to start physiotherapy is not after but before surgery, and the professionals seem to know this best. Their prehab program comprises of preparation for surgery, rehabilitation, and prevention of any complications. This Surrey physiotherapy clinic is an example of a clinic that has experienced professionals who can anticipate the difficulties and prepare a pre and post-rehab program based on your unique requirements.

With well-defined physiotherapy by a highly trained team, you will ensure that your post-surgical rehabilitation program is short and you can get up on your feet quickly.