A new supplement known as Trentostan is designed to build muscle as well as increase strength. The active ingredient contained in this supplement is creatine nitrate. It does not contain SARMs, steroids, peptides, and prohormones. Its two main active ingredients are arginine nitrate and creatine nitrate. Arginine is responsible for blood circulation. The nitrate has the same effects but promotes nutrient transportation. Moreover, arginine supports vascularity; it means it gives your body a better bodybuilding look. You can do more training by taking it and you will be able to make quicker progress. Due to the ATP regeneration, the muscles can recover much faster.

With Trentostan-M, you can train often and claim muscle growth. Due to water storage, your physical appearance looks bulky and not watery. Creatine nitrate differs from normal creatine because the former consist of a nitrate bond. As this drug is highly soluble, a greater amount of creatine gets absorbed by your body compared to conventional creatine. This substance is not highly researched but the primary studies reveal its positive results. The nitrate present in creatine nitrate promotes blood circulation in the body. Though the product is still in its early stage, yet an athlete can use it if he wants to use a different product other than normal creatine.

Benefits over other supplements

Unlike other supplements and steroids, it does not result in side effects like breast growth, acne, and depression. It can enhance muscle strength and increase muscle mass much more than others. According to it its manufacturer, it should help in muscle vascularity and muscle definition. Along with this supplement, if you take a calorie deficit product, you can reduce your body fat much more effectively. It has multiple positive effects on muscle training and muscle building. Like steroids, it does not have disadvantages. Even the customers feel positive about the product and they recommend the product for further use.

The creatine that is present in the supplement can produce more energy during training. This results in a higher oxygen concentration in the blood. This shall help you to train harder with higher weights. This supplement is free from all kinds of side effects that may happen with the use of other products. So, when you use it you do not get afraid of unwanted side effects including breast growth, acne, unwanted hair growth, or potency problems. Side effects are highly common when you take steroids and other prohibited substances but this is not the case with this supplement.


As a beginner, you can take Trentostan-M. To get the required results, you need to train 3 or 4 times a week.  You can see its results within 6-8 weeks of its use. Depending on the kind of body you have, you can notice visible success. You can intake protein powder and this is recommended as you can get much better results. You should mix a spoon of this product in a glass of water and drink it. Even, women too can use the supplement, as it will not cause any adverse effect.