Root canal is a kind of surgery that is performed in three to four sittings. This treatment runs for a period of a month. It is an expensive treatment wherein the problem prone tooth of the person is extracted and the area is covered with a ceramic material cap. We are providing you a series of do’s that will help a lot.  

Why Root Canal Aftercare Is Important?

Root canal treatment is a routine process that when done correctly and taken best care of gives excellent results. As it affects the tooth structure, its aftercare is very significant. Oracare is a prime dental clinic located in downtown Montreal, Canada.

Unluckily, a few patients start to lose their teeth post operation of a root canal. This is due to the split or fracture in the tooth. If the fracture in the tooth reaches below the level of gum, there is no other method to save it. It has to be extracted.

Most of the teeth need a protective cap/crown post conducting a root canal procedure. Oracare Dental Clinic provides an experienced team of dental surgeons who perform the best root canal treatment for patients.

Root Canal Aftercare

If you require a root canal treatment to save your teeth, then there are certain things that you need to perform.

Lower stress on your tooth

Till the time the crown gets placed on your operated tooth, it is unprotected. A person should avoid chewing food from that area of the mouth. This will help in reducing unnecessary stress on your treated tooth.

Only eat soft foods

Till your tooth heals, you must avoid eating hard and crunchy foods. Eating such foods can increase the chances of destroying the temporary filling that seals the tooth till a permanent restoration gets placed.

Eating hard foods can break the filling and even the tooth. You need to be very much safe, and avoid all these foods till the complete restoration gets in place.

Brush your teeth gently

Be careful at the time of flossing and brushing in the operated area. The tooth as well as the surrounding gums will require proper care. Be gentle at the time of eating, drinking, flossing, brushing and performing any other mouth related activity.


All these above tips when followed diligently will definitely help in getting the most desired outcome from your treatment and maintaining your oral health in the best condition.