Owing to the wide variety of food that we do consume, it is not at all surprising that our oral health is often exposed to a wide range of acidic factors which can end up eroding the enamel on our teeth. The layer of enamel on our teeth is quite beneficial because not only does it protect the teeth, it also helps in keeping it in the best condition to avoid further disruption of the same. It often goes without saying that the foods that we are eating can be a pivotal contributing factor for the same. The GC Tooth Mousse has been found quite beneficial in restoring the lost minerals in the teeth which causes erosion of the enamel.

What Happens With Enamel Erosion?

Enamel is the outer protective covering on the teeth which helps prevent the degradation of the teeth. It helps in preventing the condition of sensitive teeth which we often tend to suffer from. It goes without saying that if you have sensitive teeth, there are chances that it is because of the eroded enamel.

How Can GC Teeth Mousse Get That Sorted?

Now that we have more or less discussed the common grounds of the facts associated with enamel and its importance for the protection of the overall oral cavity, it is time we divert our focus on how the GC Tooth Mousse is beneficial in handling the condition.

  • Fluoride-free formulation

Often times, in order to fix the problem associated with the erosion of the enamel, we end up opting for remedies which end up making the condition worse. The fluoride-free composition of this component helps in keeping the enamel intact and also aids in getting rid of the erosion and the lack of minerals that could be contributing to the process altogether.

  • Reduction of sensitivity

One of the most common factors associated with the erosion of the enamel is the heightened sensitivity. This formulation ensures to keep that to a bare minimum to ensure that you can consume anything without having to worry about the repercussions.

This mousse-like consistency is effective in penetrating into the oral cavity and getting rid of any issues that could be causing further erosion of the enamel. It helps restore the mineral deposits on the teeth which prove to be handy in getting rid of the problem that comes along with the lack of good oral hygiene.